Dali more than 500 students to suspend classes for the state record students called mandatory requirements

Schools can not force students to participate in extracurricular activities
The paper shows that in order to celebrate the state celebration, the school draws 510 students to participate in the rehearsal and performance of theatrical performances. Yesterday afternoon, Dali University Gymnasium, opened the state celebration performance rehearsal will be, the students began the first rehearsal. Visitors to the map yesterday afternoon at two o'clock, Zhao Fei (a pseudonym) with the students came to the school gymnasium, to participate in Yunnan Dali state performance rehearsal mobilization meeting. Zhao Fei is a university student at Dali University, 12 days received the class teacher "for the state record" notice. Also received this notice, there are more than 500 other students. She provided a program of work performed by the school that said that according to the relevant spirit of the Preparatory Group Office of the Dali state service, students would need to take the students to participate in the rehearsal and performance of the performance. Some students questioned, rehearsing for tens of days, and the middle of a few days to be closed. In response, Dali University responded that the performance activities are "arranged above", students participating in non-suspension but "tune", "special circumstances" of the students will leave. After the start of the event, nearly 100 Dali University students, in the stadium lined up, began the first rehearsal. "12 morning, the class teacher called after the school registration bank card number, then the class teacher informed that our class was selected to participate in the art show rehearsal." Zhao Fei said the class teacher informed that 15 rehearsal. Subsequently, a notice entitled "Organizing students to participate in the Dali state celebration art program" notice in the class circulation. The notice said, "To celebrate the state celebration, we need to draw 510 (boys 240, girls 270) students, to participate in the rehearsal and performance performances." In the notice received by the students, not only the division of the leading group, but also dedicated teaching coordination group is responsible for participating in student curriculum coordination. According to the arrangement, the Academy of Arts and other five colleges are participating in the list. Rehearsal time: October 15 to November 13, Monday to Friday evening 3 hours, weekends for the morning, afternoon and evening all day; November 14 to 22, every morning, afternoon 3 hours. There are students concerned about the time, rehearsal time takes several days normal class time, and usually spare time is also full, it is unreasonable. In this regard, Dali University Student Department staff said that the school has done a good job tuning work. In addition, the state office to pay each student to pay 50 yuan / day subsidy, after the end of the event will be issued a certificate of practice. In response to the "special circumstances" will leave Zhao Fei reflect the notice did not seek the views of students, class cadre said, "all people may not leave", and have classmates leave was rejected. Dali University Student Department staff explained that he was rehearsing the scene, the afternoon of the functional departments of people come to mobilize, participating students very good mood. To participate in state events on the students is also an education, performance is a whole, certainly not three days leave. "If there is a good reason, if there is a bad body, family emergency and other special circumstances, you can inform in advance, we will arrange substitutions." He said that if the students put forward "tomorrow to sleep," the fake, just to go. The staff confirmed that the school did organize the students to participate in the Dalai state state cultural performances, yesterday is rehearsing the first day. He said that the performance activities are a unified organization of the state-level leading working group, non-school initiative, "but as the only local one university, the school to support." He told reporters that the school under the 16 colleges, 5 college students were pumping Selected for a total of more than 500 people, more than one performance project. There are many parties involved in the state event, the school is only a help unit. In addition, the school party and government office staff revealed that the state celebration activities are government state organizations, other counties and cities and civil society organizations have participated in a unified rehearsal. The school staff department staff said that the school has also been on this many times with the state office, the number of students, rehearsal strength and rehearsal time has been reduced in the original requirements a lot. Data show that this year on November 22 is the 60th anniversary of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, last year, in March last year, the local start to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the preparatory work, large-scale cultural performances is one of the celebration. Ask the school whether the power of unauthorized "closed" Experts said that the organization of extracurricular activities can not change the school curriculum for the rehearsal period need to rehearse throughout the day, the school student staff said, how many will affect students to class, but not closed, but the transfer. "In front of the students are taking part in the spare time, followed by a few days to participate in the entire performance activities to go to the field, practice, the school put the course that few days to open, arrange to other time to make up." He said, Have an impact on the class, but the school departments are preparing the matter, have made arrangements, will minimize the impact. In this regard, the 21st century Education Research Institute Vice President Xiong Bingqi that the school organization of students to participate in extracurricular activities, need to follow two principles: respect for the individual wishes of students, not mandatory; can not change the school curriculum itself, undermine the teaching order. Wang Yueyin, director of Beijing Shengyun Law Firm, said that the Education Act stipulates that students have the right to education, no one can be deprived, and the Constitution also provides citizens with the right to education. School suspension is a violation of the student's right to education. In his view, the school has the right to manage education, autonomy arrangements for students to arrange the corresponding arrangements, while organizing students to participate in social activities, these are the power given to the school by law, but the most fundamental or should ensure that students learn, the school can not take coercion Measures to force students to participate in and study life does not matter activities, not because of the state to stop the students on the school classes. Can government departments intervene in student participation? Experts said that the administrative forces to intervene in violation of relevant laws and regulations According to media reports, in March last year, Dali began preparations for the 60th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the province. The state legislature has developed a preparatory program for this purpose, organized during the event to celebrate the General Assembly and large-scale cultural performances. In the notice of Dali University also said that the students are to support the state-run cultural performances related work. Does the government department have the power to force the school to call on students to participate in the event? "Government departments can not interfere too much in school teaching, the school can not force students to participate in after-school activities, this is the most basic concept." Xiong Bingqi said that all schools to personnel training as the core, administrative forces intervention is in violation of relevant education laws and regulations. According to the current direction of education, schools should be "to the administrative", the government departments should respect the school autonomy, not for the government "gift project" to break the school teaching order. Wang Youyin said that everyone has the right to freedom of personal freedom, the students do not belong to the government staff, the government has no right to force students to participate in government activities. For students, learning is still the most important thing, the Government if the mandatory requirements of the school organization of students rehearsing, there is no legal basis. In April this year, part of the Jinggangshan University students reflect the school received a request to participate in the film group play work, or to absenteeism.............. Students are instructed by the counselor, during the shooting according to the normal class calculation, no leave by absenteeism, and to give punishment. Participated in the group of students said, took 3 days, from 6 am to 7 pm, the scene accompanied by class teacher and counselor. In response to this, Jinggangshan University responded that the shooting task by the higher authorities instructions, the school according to the teaching plan, the use of labor week, arrange a certain number of labor classes to assist in shooting, there is no mandatory participation in the argument. As the shooting work intensity is strong, long duration, combined with the actual situation of students, schools and producers in consultation, to terminate the work of college students involved in shooting, has now resumed learning order. Beijing News reporter Li Ming

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