Taliban "spring offensive" raid Kabul caused at least 30 people died

China's Kabul city center in Afghanistan on the 19th morning suicide bombings
The country's headquarters in the Kabul city of Afghanistan on the 19th morning suicide bombings, the country's Ministry of the Interior said the explosion caused at least 30 people were killed, more than 320 people were injured, the death toll may also rise. The Taliban has claimed responsibility. Agence France-Presse said that this is the Taliban announced a week before the opening of the "spring offensive" launched after the first large-scale explosion attack, is also this year Kabul suffered the most serious attack. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the 19th, the explosion occurred in Kabul early peak hours, the incident location crowded, there is a busy bus station and schools, mosques and shops, near the Afghan Ministry of Defense and several government offices The The New York Times quoted a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry, Sidi Qi, as saying that a bomb-filled car was detonated outside the elite guard station, which was responsible for security matters for Afghan senior officials, Shattered. After the explosion, the terrorists tried to break into the target building, one who was killed after the entry. Analysis that the main object of the Taliban attack should be the Afghan Ministry of Defense. Agence France-Presse said the Afghan security forces and attackers of the gunfire lasted for several hours, all the attackers were killed. Some of the attackers detonated the bomb. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 19th expressed severe condemnation of the incident, Afghan President Ghani said the incident "clearly shows the enemy in the face of Afghanistan's security forces in the battle failed." NATO commander in Afghanistan, Nicholson also said that the Taliban beat the government on the battlefield, instead of relying on these terrorist attacks. The New York Times says that attacks in the city have become an important means of war in the Taliban, and each form is basically the same: first use car bombs to create chaos, open the gap of the target building, then armed with a suicide bomb vest Of the armed elements hugged, until the police and elite riot forces killed. City attacks bring insurgents to something that can not be offered by major victories in remote areas on the battlefield: news headlines, social life being disturbed, and thus putting pressure on the government. (Wang Yi)

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